2021-02-28 邀请函


英文会议邀请函 篇1

  To whom it may concern,

  We, (公司名), is now starting the business relationship with(受邀请公司). In order to enhance our cooperation and know each other more, we would be very glad to take this opportunity to invite the following staffs from(受邀请公司) to visit our Office in Shanghai, from 15th March to 20th March.

  We confirm that we will make the itinerary and all other arrangements for your visit in China. We also confirm that all the expenses during your stay in China will be covered by (受邀人公司).

  Thanks for your attention and best regards in advance.

英文会议邀请函 篇2

  Dear Professor John Doe,

  It is my pleasure,on behalf of the Organizing Committee,to invite you to attend the 21 International Conference on Chemical Education (19th ICCE),to be held in Beijing ,china,August 12-17,20xx.I am writing to ask whether you are willing to present a talk in English at the conference. Invited talks will be one hour long,followed by a 20-minute question and answer session.

  The theme of the 21th ICCE is “Chemistry and Chemical Education for Humanity”,in keeping up with our Fast-changing world and continually expanding scope of the chemistry and chemical field.Chemistry is not only an essential tool and language as well as basic knowledge for the most of science and technology of our everyday life,but also an essential science for future generations to ensure their quality of life.

  In appreciation of your agreement to give a talk,,the 19th ICCE will provide your local expenses,including hotel accommodations,and meals during the conference,and free registration to the conference.

  If you have any enquiries,please contact our Conference Convener Ms.Song Mei at(86)01088xx xxxx or visit .

  I am looking forward to seeing you in Beijing.

  Sincerely yours, (signature) Li Hou Chair,Organizing Committee of 21th ICCE

  1.I am pleased to invite you to attend our Annual Conference on Chemical Education to be held on November 1-4,20xx in Atlanta.


  2.It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 2nd Annual Computer Conference. This year’s conference will be held at Wuhan from March 23-26,20xx.


  3.On behalf of the School of Information,Yunnan University and Kunming Association Science and Technology,I am pleased to invite you to attend and chair a session of the forthcoming 10th Joint International Computer Conference to be held in Kunming,Yunnan,from August 24 to 26,20xx. 在信息学院的代表,云南大学和昆明科学技术协会,我很高兴邀请你参加和主持会议即将举行的第十联合国际国际计算机会议将在昆明举行,云南,从8月24日到262006。

  4.As co-chair of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computer Linguistics,to be held in Hong Kong October 10-25,20xx,I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to present a talk in English at the conference as an invited speaker.


  5.It is my pleasure to invited you to appear an panel at the Upcoming conference on English Teaching at Tertiary Level in the Chinese Context to be held in Beijing,September 12-13,20xx. 我很高兴邀请你出现一个面板,在即将举行的.英语教学研讨会在中国语境中的三级将在北京举行,九月12-132004。

  1.The conference aims to bring together engineering and researching with interests in the areas of chemical engineering and at promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences among them in the recent developments in their areas.


  2.The CE seeks/attempts to encourage scholarly interchange between Asianists located in the Midwest and promote Asian studies both at the university and secondary levels.


  3.The first international workshop on Cross Layer Design 20xx provides a forum for researchers from academia,industry and government to present new ideals,Valuable research on cross layer design


  1.We sincerely hope that you can accept this invitation.


  2.I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend the conference and share you ideas on this topic on the panel.


  3.I look forward to meeting you here in the autumn.


  4.I would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage your organization to attened this ver important preparatory meeting.


  1.The CE would provide the cost of an economy-class airfare from Beijing to the conference hotel accommodations during the conference,and free registration to the conference.


  2.If you come to the symposium,you local expense ,including hotel accommodations,meals and the conference fee will be covered by the organizers.


  3.Our department offers a fee and will ,of course,reimburse your travelling and hotel expenses. 我们的部门提供费用,当然,将报销您的旅行和酒店费用.。

  4.your round-trip air ticket and meal expense will be subsidized.


  5.you will be provided with a subsistence allowance and accommodations for the duration of the conference.


  1.we enclose a copy of the notice of the conference.


  2.please find enclosed information on accommodations,transportation and registration. 请查收住宿、运输和注册的有关信息。

  3.for more details of the conference ,please refer to



  the conference





  如果您有任何疑问,请联系我们的会议召集人宋美女士在(86)01088xx或访问 XXXX。






英文会议邀请函 篇3

Dear [Mrs. Brown]:

  I have heard so much about [Lambert] from [Jane] that I almost feel as though I knew him. I would certainly enjoy meeting his mother!

  But unfortunately I expect guests myself on [Friday, the seventh of May]; and therefore cannot accept your invitation for luncheon on that day.

  It was thoughtful of you to invite me, and I am extremely sorry I cannot accept, I do hope you will ask me again some time!

Sincerely yours,



  但是很不凑巧:在[5月7日(星期五)]我自己要招待客人, 因此就不能接受您在那天的午宴邀请了。


英文会议邀请函 篇4

dear sir/madam:

  im delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the conference in [city] on [date]. as we agreed, youll be speaking on the topic from [time] to [time]. there will be an additional minutes for questions. would you please tell me what kind of audio-visual equipment youll need. if you could let me know your specific requirements by [date], ill have plenty of time to make sure that the hotel provides you with what you need.

  thank you again for agreeing to speak.

  i look forward to hearing from you.

  sincerely yours,

  name] [title]










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